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Mom unravelled some honest thoughts to me


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sorry about all this talk, but i want to get the word out. I figured I should put these two different moments up on here because I don't want to go all thread-haywire with my multiple issues i want to address about me and my mom.


First thing, I love my mom, people would even call me a mommas boy. She's amazing, she's fended for me so much and she is my best friend and the greatest woman I know--she just does what moms do and be the best.


BUT...the other day she unravelled some pretty curious news to me. We got talking about stuff, and I say stuff because now that I ponder, I have no idea what it was, and I might come back to me and I'll address it if it does, but she mentioned tthat I don't like what she wears. she wears an african gown that is obviously different from the way other americans dress normally so she stands out, and she feels i dont like being seen in public with her.


Another thing is she thinks I don't like the food she makes in a nutshell.




Now here's my part, I could not be sooo sincere in words, how much i LOVED her clothing, and I took pride in what she wore as an african. I was just soo hurt, I don't think I have ever felt pain in my eyes--just honestly. I was so hurt, my stomach my tears burnt and she said its just the way she feels. And I told her that it was just NOT TRUE at all. Thats when she started crying, and I said I can't believe what you just said. I love her food as well, shes the best cook I know, I would always come back home for her rice, or her dinners or what have you.


There was always pressure growing up being the only black kid in school for example and being different from friends and having a dissimilar family lifestyle. but, i grew to learn and appreciate as i read, as i loved my family, and that all left with other childish thoughts a long time ago.


i just wish she'd really see i appreciate and love her, i want to see her wear her africanware to my graduation and I want to have her bring food of choice and if they have to eat it with their hands the african way, i'll make them...i dont care. people have problems with whats different, but i learnt that im proud...


Do guys know what I can do to show her that I love what she wears and what she makes to eat?

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Do you know what made her stumble upon these conclusions about your opinions of her?? I wouldn't think she would just pull this out of nowhere.


well you know how subjects go you talk long enough, things just come out, i honestly forget what we were talking about, nothing other than casual talking though. but i guess we stumbled accross something that was inside her for a while

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Maybe she thinks because she is different you are ashamed of her. Reassure her that you are proud to have her as a mother and you don't care how she dresses and you love her cooking.


well i did that i just hopes she believes me. THANKS!

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