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Expressing your feeling by e-mail


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So i have gone out a couple times with this girl. We talk on the phone for long time. I find her to be amazing.


So short story i got all these feeling bottled up and i want to let her know i like her. I just got back from trip and finding time to go out with her is difficult. I talked with her and she pretty much has her week plans set with her friends and her graduation stuff. So a next date is kind of not in immediate future. So i got all this stuff i want to tell her bottled up weighing in me and no opportunity to tell her in person. So i was thinking of sending her a congratulation e-mail for her graduation and letting her know how i feel.


I that good idea to informal?????........

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I would go against email.


If you suddenly unbottle all of your feelings in an email, it can be easy for a girl to feel overwhelmed and turn her off.


I had a guy do this to me in a text message. Great guy but it definitely came off as clingy and I told him not to do that again. I really liked him too.


Besides, in person is always better. Text is cold and easy to misinterpret while talking face to face is more romantic and aided by expressions, tones, and hand gestures.

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