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I'm disgusted and sad!


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Tonight at work a boy who works there came over to chat for a little bit to me and this man who were working together. Because we had both been off on Friday we didn't know what happened. We were told by the boy that there was a hedgehog who had wandered into work and they were kicking it about. I thought he was joking at first but it turned out to be true. Then the man asked what happened to the hedgehog, and he said that he died in the end because (name) had stepped on it's head.


I'm so disgusted and wish i had been there. I would have kicked crap out of the boy if I had been.


It's put my in such a depressed mood. How can people do that? I know I won't be abe to talk to him again. Can't even put into words how sad I feel about it. I don't even want to work there anymore

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Thanks a lot for that. I have the number for the RSPCA but that number is different.I'm also putting in a formal letter to HO at work to tell them what happened and that i want something done about it. I'm not sure if i should do it anonymouslhy though.


I will definitely update here.

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