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I think this is it


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I have a feeling that my life is going to collapse. I went for an interview and the HR there gave me a long list of problems with my attitude in the interview. In the process, I found out that the one advantage that I thought I had, didn't exist. How would you feel if you are told that you are weak in the one field where you think you have some edge over others? That was the only thing that I thought I was capable of. I now know that I was created with absolutely no purpose. I am useless.


It is a pity I am not like one of those high achievers who kill themselves once they see failure. I am just used to failure, so why would I care? I am just scared to die. Do you know anybody who battled with depression for a long time and then killed themself? Because then there is hope for me.


At various points, I have felt really depressed but there was one event which rescued me from depression and gave me a sense of purpose. But now none of that's happening. I think this is where it ends.

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