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A Time to Heal

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It was written giving vent to my rage few years ago. Now, I see things differently and find it amused.

No matter how harsh and tough you have been through, time will heal!

Feel free to judge, correct or laugh at my errors since English isn't my first language.




He flirted like no other right in front of his partner!

She turned her head cause he's the bread winner!

I was confused, scared, and felt like a bummer.

Stayed longer than I should have

Just trying to be a savior,

cause he was hit by a drunk driver.

I ran away as things got crazier.

Became miserable two months later.

Thought we should have a talk to get it over.

He refused and called his partner over!

Again, I was screwed all over!

But was glad to find out he's no special other,

and I thought it's really over.

They called the cops and tried to frame me with a restraining order.

Didn't realize until six months later.

Thanks to my anal new employer,

he is a local D.A. officer!

Of course, I didn't get the job offer!

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