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should i wait, or should i tell her?


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i've known this girl for around 3 months, and i've grown to really like her


shes different from other girls. i'm really comfortable and confident with others, but with her i act very awkwardly. shes really playful and confident on the outside, but she is on the inside a quite pensive, sensitive person (cries during movies, etc). I have a feeling she is someone who hides her emotions. she is also very religious and i've had a couple one to one talks with her about that as well as our backgrounds, etc.


the two of us hung out once...and instead of the playful self i usually see, she was a bit quiet and serious...i dont know if it was because she didn't like hanging out or because of something else. I have a feeling she thinks of me differently...acts a little differently towards me than others. we also share a lot of similarities as far as views on life and other issues, etc, and she shed some tears when we went our separate ways for the summer, although she quickly waved it off as something else...haha.i can't read her...which might be a reason why i'm so interested. anyways, she went somewhere for the summer, and i won't get a chance to see her until the fall, though shes in contact online. i've been thinking about her a lot and wrote a poem for her that i think she would like, but it reveals my feelings for her and basically is like: i just want to know that i like you. it isn't too mushy and has a bit of humor, but still reveals what i think about her.


should i email it?


I want to send it because i'm afraid that if she had feelings for me it might disappear during the summer and i would have missed my chance. I also can't stop thinking about her and just want to do something about it, but I don't know if thats just my emotions talking


I don't want to send it because if she doesn't feel the same way i may have ruined what chance i could have? I don't anticipate that I'll be able to see her much during the college school year.


What do you all suggest I do?

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Send it, then you will never ask what if.


I don't want to send it because if she doesn't feel the same way i may have ruined what chance i could have?


If she doesn't feel the same, then the chance wasn't there to start with. Go for it and let us know how it turns out.

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If it's not too mushy and over the top, declaring your undying love, etc etc, then send it. No real harm can come from a simple poem (imo). If she's interested in you, then at least she'll know the feelings are mutual. If she's not, still no harm done. At least you'll know where you stand.

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I guess my view isn't popular, but I'd be really icked out and embarrassed by a poem from someone who I wasn't already intimate with. To me a poem is like a secret. It's too romantic from someone I'm not romantic with, or else it's too corny and tries too hard if it's not romantic but funny.


I'd keep the poem to share with her after getting to know her better, once you're sure the feelings are mutual. You'll thank yourself later when you need to spend the next year at school in her company.


In your corner.

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