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I want to kiss her but i'm way too nervous to PLEASE HELP ME

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when ever i go out on a date with my girlfriend, shannon, i usually have a chance to kiss her but back down because i'm way too nervous. We would go out to dinner then go 2 my friends house for a little party. Shannon and I go outside to look at the stars..........alone. It seems like the perfect chance to kiss her but instead i just talk My friend found out that if i tried to kiss her she would would kiss me back but i can never do it. Shannon and I are in all of the same classes and at times she will find me stairing at her in the middle of class and we will sit there and just smile at eachother. Half of my atention is actually on shannon. I know that shes loves me and that shes knows i love her. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!! Its all good advice but i need MORE!!! like when to kiss her or it will just come to me and what will happen after we do kiss?

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I'm not expert, but I hope this kinda helps you out.


I actually had my first kiss when i was 17.

I told my boyfriend that i have never kiss a guy before and that i hope he wouldn't be disappointed. He understood. That's how much i trusted him. I trusted him enough to give me the first kiss.


What my point is, is that to tell her how you feel. If you know she will kiss you back, then relax and try it. Or, why don't you ask her when ur alone.


"Can I kiss you?" This may work, hopefully it the pressure don't kill you, but she will look forward to a kiss and you can relax and give her one. But remember to let her know how you feel. She just might find it sweet and give you one instead.

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I agree completely with Chisama-let your girlfriend know that you want to kiss her, and ask her if it's alright. That gains her respect that you take her feelings into consideration. If you're not sure of what to do, TELL her that. Just lean in and gently kiss her on the lips. She'll kiss you back-it's amazing how that works! Just give her soft, gentle kisses, her cheeks, her eyes, her forehead, and back to her lips. If you feel her tongue peeking out, touch it with yours. Just DO NOT force your tongue in her mouth! Girls really, REALLY don't like that......all it does is cause a lot of slobber we'd really rather not deal with.


Relax-kissing is easy; the trick is to get past that very first one. I told the first guy I kissed that I had no idea how to kiss him properly (what can I say, I have no shame) and he showed me how it's done. And it's ENJOYABLE, as long as you don't force it too hard!




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Yea all the communication stuff is fine, but if you are going out it usually is REALLY OK to kiss your partner but I dunno, with all the different cultures and religions these days apprently its wrong sometimes to even hold hands.


Or just do it slowly, lean in and go for it, she'll pull out when its fully obvious what you're about to do, if she doesn't pull out then she's perfectly fine with it.


Happy Heb

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