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(Perceived) lack of enthusiasm


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Have been trying to figure this out ...


Some time ago a girl came back into my life asking for a second chance. We had met on the online dating scene some time ago, she was moving, and so went with someone else closer to her new city, it didn't work out ... months later (when I too have relocated and now live closer to her) she sent me a surprise email asking if there was still a chance.


So we spent a day together last weekend. I wanted to have a date with some energy, so surprised her with a fun physical sport activity (where we don't compete). It was however, tiring for both of us. We had lunch afterwards, she then invited me to hers where we had drinks and talked for hours.


My problem is, I came away from the whole day with the sense that there was a (perceived) lack of enthusiasm on her part. She is shy, she has already told me that, the sport activity may have surprised her a bit, etc ... because the only environment in which she seemed to relax and start to joke was when we were back at hers.


Meeting in the day as we did, it's difficult for conversation to get heavy or intimate, but I am wondering if she is just a girl who is spectacularly awful at signalling to a guy that she likes him, or ... more simply ... that she just wasn't that into me, us, the whole day really.

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