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Illusion of Compettition


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I just would like to thank everyone for taking time to read this. Also, I am pretty confident that I am going to get yelled at lol. But I guess I shall soon know.


I met a girl back in January, she was from a neighboring town (I live in a small area), and things went well. We went on a few dates, and at one point she told me that she really liked me. I'm trying to keep this as short as possible.


Then, things went bad.. She had her phone taken away and as a result I couldn't really talk to her. Sensing that I was about to lose her I decided to try something different. I went to her house with flowers and asked her to prom, which she said she would love to. Prom was still 2 months away from this. About a month before prom, she got her phone back. And long story short, she told me that she was talking to someone else. And I told her that I would probably never talk to her again (I don't enjoy being played very much).


Fast forward to around a week ago. I was sitting at a hair place and the girl walked in with her mom. I hadn't talked to or seen her since she left me. She tried talking to me, and I began to interact, I wasn't mean, but I wasn't very nice either. Just kind of short answers and such. She told me that she was doing a pageant (she wins them all the time). She got up and they began working on her. It began to rain, and I know how fragile the make up and hair is, so I offered them my umbrella to borrow.


A couple days later at the fair (we have one a year), she was there. After running in to her at a karaoke event (she had to sing because she won that pageant), we walked around for a while. It was actually really pleasant, and we talked about what happened between us. I then took her home, and we sat down on a couch. I ended up with my arm around her and we kind of cuddled, but nothing major. She told me that she didn't think we should show too much affection at the moment (I'll get in to that later). Right before I left, we hugged, and then ended up kissing a couple times (soft and long; she leaned in first).


My feeling for her had returned and I knew that I shouldnt. She called me a couple days later asking if she had left something (she had not). And commented something of mine on myspace. But she hasn't been answering my texts or phone calls. She told me that her and her bf were taking a break the night that we kissed. Anyhow, long story short, idk what to do.


A friend of mine that is friends with her has tried to text her, but no answer (she was going to try to put in a good word). I took some pictures of her singing, so I could deliver those, but it's risky. Her mom really likes me, and told me to start coming up, so I could try that angle (but I fear that one). Of course, I could just not talk to her, but that is also dangerous.


I have one final option. I had college orientation yesterday, and today; I stayed on campus. I contemplated a little trick. Texting the girl and pretending that I sent the wrong message to her. Be one talking about how I had gotten several numbers last night. Follow the age old "you want what others want." And it's not far-fetched, I had several girls being real flirty with me, and I am considered by many to be attractive. And the girl seems to respond better when people mention how attractive I am (happened at the karaoke and fair). So, idk if this will work or not lol.


I just really like this girl, and would like to try a second time. She's a great girl, but it's like she enjoys mind games. So I don't know.. anything and everything would be appreciated.



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Question is, do you enjoy mind games - if that's what you think she's about? If not, then back off and find someone who's more on your wavelength.


By the way, sending a message like that 'by mistake' is more than likely to backfire on you. If someone who was apparently after me, but also bragging to other people that they'd 'gotten several numbers last night' - which is what you hope your text would do - it would make me think they were a player (to put it politely) and be a total turnoff.

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I actually hate mind games.. It's just that when we're together or talking, we get along great. The mind games are almost a complete turn off for me, but she might be thinking that she's playing hard to get. Then again she could be back with her bf, but I'm not positive (I can't find out, it's strange haha).


And I'm not a player in all honesty. I believe in monogamy and am not after girls just so I can include an extra number to my tally. I just think that if her hold on me was not certain then she might changer her ways.

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