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What do you think about this....

[Trailer] Bakit Di Ka Crush Ng Crus...
[Trailer] Bakit Di Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?

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Boy meets girl.


Girl has a long term boyfriend but ends up having an affair with the boy she meets.


Boy is head over heels for the girl and within weeks of meeting even takes her home to meet the family, all along saying they're just friends to his family but admitting to them he is interested in more and the family knowing all to well girl has a partner and even one family member (older female) jokingly saying things like "becareful you dont get your teeth knocked out by her boyfriend"


What would come into your mind with the family being so 'cool' about it and the boy comfortable enough to take the girl home?

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Sounds like the family realizes how the real world works and has taught the boy to not be afraid to go after what he wants. Maybe they should have got him to lift weights more or get better dental insurance though if they were concerned about getting his teeth knocked out.

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