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How would a man feel?


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So before he got to know me closely he would have seen me as a trractive, immaculately groomed, well dressed with a slim figue, very smart and funny. Friendly but a little aloof, very diligent and correspondingly very successful at my job, though not quite as successful as him.


Now that he is getting to know me better he is learning the truth.

While all the above are true so too is the following

I'm not aloof, i'm shy.

I worry alot and get nervous around him.

I cannot remember numbers, definitely not a telephone number.

I try to carry way too much in one go.

I'm very easy going always asking if he would prefer another coffee shop.

I have no sense of direction. I cannot tell my left from my right and have no sense of direction.

Im organised and clean but in a cluttered way.

The trunk iof my car is a mess and has two bottles of coke in it for when im thirsty.

I don't drink or smoke.

I have savings.

The other day he dropped me off and in my flakey nervousness i dashed accross the road and was honked by a driver.

Then I told him I was going to, lets say balabcd to see a concert. i drove two hours there and rang my friend to learn that the concert was in balefgh which is 10 miles from my house. In fairness balabcd is famous for its concerts and this is the first time it was held at balaefgh.


So do you think he will be turned off by my unintentional and much lamented inability to get things right?

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He must think I'm an idiot. He remembered my phone extension number and i didn't. it's a three digit code. At this stage I think I need a nurse.


Stop assuming!!!!! LOL! If he likes you he likes you and sometimes its the little funny things we do that make it all the best. I love when my dates get a little embarrased or vice versa, it makes for a good laugh and bonding down the line. Use it to your advantage. You dont need a nurse, just chiiiiiiilllllllllll.

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I lose the ability to eat properly in his presence. Generally I eat soup as it is least dangerous. Does she have an eating disorder?

Then I ordered this scone one day but it obviously had no binding agent it is because when I bit into it it fragmented. My side of the table looked like a budgies cave.

So much for the cool incontrol business woman.

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Then he invited me to a sports event. I thought these things began early, so I rang him a 9am. He was groggy (asleep) and bewildered apparently it wasn't to begin for another 9 hours.

Oh and I got lost going to his house and he had to come and fetch me and apparently I had been circling the wrong neighbourhood.

Did I mention that I'm extremely good at my job? The contract is the bewildering thing.

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I think you need to chill, you seem to be second-guessing yourself constantly and becoming super anxious about trivial things. No guy is going to be like, "Oh god, she has a savings account and TWO cans of soda in her car! I can't go out with her!" Just relax and be yourself; you don't have to be perfect around your SO all the time. In fact, people fall in love with each other for their strengths AND their flaws. Its our imperfections that make us interesting and endearing, and I'm sure your guy likes you fine the way you are.

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Lol no one has it all together. People tell me I was intimidating when they first met me, which is absolutely crazy in my opinion because I think I'm the most approachable person in the world. But once they get to know me, they find out that I'm goofy as hell and I love to laugh for hours about nothing, I love to wrestle around on the ground, and I have to drink out of a straw or I spill....It's just those little things that make us unique! lol He should love you even more for every single thing on that list. It's what makes you you!

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