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Jealous of my talented friends.


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Well, I have gone to a recording studio recently with some friends, some there to back me up and other there for the ride so we could lay down some vocals. Two of my friends and me were singing with them backing me up. The harmony was all wrong and the producer was not happy with us and I mentioned it may be the backing vocalists not in key with me, but he said he would like to try it with me taking a step in the back and brought my friend forward.


Yeah, so we tried it with this new arrangement and he still was not happy. So he called me out and I thought I'd be at the front again but told me he was not happy with me at all. He then asked one of my friends, who was waiting outside, if they could step in as they could sing to and she took over from me and they clicked. So I was seething with jealousy and waiting out in the corridor with a cup of coffee to calm myself down.

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I'm soo sorry It must've been really upsetting since this is what you love to do.

I don't know how old you are, but I'm assuming you are still young.


It's totally normal to feel jealous.

Stay strong. Keep practicing.

It's cliche, but if you keep practicing and believing in yourself,

someday you will be where you want to be.


I'm pursuing my dream myself, and there are lots of upsetting events

everyday(like my friend who's 6years younger getting the job I want),

but you have to believe you will be there someday. Stay positive.

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I read your other thread.

sooooo many insensitive people out there

I'm sorry you had to witness that.

Don't let them get to you though.


If there are people who are sucking your positive energy or ruining your day,

Just smile and walk away from them.

There's always people who appreciate you and enjoy your singing.


For instance, I love clubbing. I see sooo many horrible dancers, but who cares?

I love those who are enjoying themselves. That's all that matters in the end.


If you are not confident with your singing skills,

you should probably find a good singing coach.

Not the ones who judge you, but the one who

truly wants to teach and help your confidence back.


My aunt just started playing golf at age 60.

She is not very good, but she is getting better and most importantly enjoying it.

I guess age doesn't really matter if you put your mind to it


Good luck!! *hug*

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