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Shes my obsession but it cant go on.

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I was in a relationship with a girl for almost 7months and it ended with her about 7months ago. Since then everyday for me has been the same story emptyness during the days and deep depression in the nights. The ultimate cause of our break up was when it became a long distance relationship. It ended shortly after she started at university in Scotland (me being in england).


I pretty much explain all in an thread from months ago but to save you the time its your basic tale someone completely lovesick with obsession and depression and inavoidably always thinking about her.


Shes back again and my life is thrown in a quiet turmoil. I dont think there anyway I can really explain it. I'm obsessed, I adore her and shes the most precious thing in the world to me. I always miss her loveingness in even the smallest if things and her careing, warm and tender nature. She is an amazing person but I know I just cant let myself hold on to these feelings anymore. I do spend alot of time with her when shes back but I know that when shes gone again all these feelings I thought I was slowly getting over will come back. As if reset button in my head takes me back to the loneliness just like the time before and time before that. I would never have though someone my age (17) could ever feel like this about another person. I need it to stop for better or for worse. Its an obsession as it is and can't let it ruin my life anymore.

NC always seemed a good idea from what people tell me but I'm terrified of loosing her completely.

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