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Do you benefit from Self-Help books? share you views?


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hi, i personally benefit a lot from self help books, i wonder it is because i am so weak. still, i am glad that during my down moments, books almost always never let me down.


during my down periods, books help to dissolve my unhappiness, give me new hopes, help me to stand up. books give me viewpoints of other very wise people to help me in different areas of life.


recently i am so confused with some of my very very deep feelings, and this book actually analyses it so well for me, i am completely amazed. and very grateful. maybe problem is not solved yet, but at least i am more aware what is going on.


i am so grateful but i do not know who to thank. the authors, of course, but i don't know them, so i just want to express my gratitude here. and of course, to God, a lot of times i believe He led me to the appropriate books.

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It's wonderful that you are benefitting from reading self help books. If it works for you, then that's all that matters.


hi, actually yes and no. i am writing here because my friends don't read, so i can't discuss with them. i benefit but after that, i feel lonely. is like after you watched a good show, you want to tell a friend. but regarding books, no body is really interested unless that person reads it too. so i am just trying to see if anyone out there feels the way as me.

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Self-help books can help only if they're good enough to make you understand the necessity to change something you're exhibiting to the world.


What it often does is give you the illusion of hope and then you do the same thing next day. This is where most self-help book is categorized under.


That happens even in good self-help books, which is why some authors tell you to stick to the program for a certain number of days to get lasting change.


Even then, just remember self-help book is a realm of its own and the same ideas circulates. You'll become bored of it as soon as you realize most authors are just giving their own explanation to the same ideas.

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it helps when you don't even know the initiate ideas. by the time you are bored, you had already benefited.


lol, it can mess your mind up too by being overwhelmed with inactionable ideas and time wasting.


But your comment is great.


I think one unexpected benefit is how I developed better acuity and can discern BS'ers and people with essence. It's a very useful skill... but I certainly took years to process and package all the ideas into categories which made my life a lot less confusing. Self-help books can cause confusion if you read too many.

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yes, so true, after sometime i can tell which book is of more substance, which book is more original in ideas. of course we don't absorb everything like a sponge, i usually read it with my own judgement. even the psychologists have their own arguements, it is quite common to see one expert passing judgement on another school of thoughts. well, in short, books satisfy my intellectual needs, and i would take care not to be messed up by them, thanks for pointing that out


recently i came accross the subject meditation. of course this is nothing new, but i had never really believe its benefits. my next plan is to read on this subject just to get more info. i don't want to miss it if it can really help in my well being.

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Self help books could be more helpful than you could probably anticipate it to be. There are books of different genre, these could help you differently. First and foremost, there are those academic books that no one would ever like, unless you have this starvation for studies and education.


As one grows older, he or she starts to pick books that are more related to the interest that they have, in case the person continues to read. There are so many other activities, which a person would love to be indulged in rather than sitting at a place and read. As the person grows a little and the pressures of earning money increases, you refer the books that would talk about ways of earning money that would capture your interest.

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Yes,at some level, in the way that they reassure me there are ways out of troubles, even though it all seems too easy in these books. They are like the voice of reason while we go through emotional turmoil. Best books that touched and inspired and influenced me have been well written novels or biographies though, much more easy to relate and not that technical.

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