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I've recently had some great success in trying to improve my health, I'm not trying to sign anyone up to any program or anything like that but I feel good about what I've done and who knows maybe this will work for someone else.



In high school I was a powerlifter, I'd go to the gym for 3 hours 3 times a week to train and a couple of times a year I would compete I was 5'7" ~170lbs and pretty much all muscle. I would eat CONSTANTLY and just burn it all up.


I stopped my senior year of highschool due to a back injury, I would go to the gym on occasion but wasn't as serious about it, I continued to go off-and on through college. during this time I stayed about 170-180 a bit doughy but never really out of shape. The way I setup my meal plan kind of forced me to keep my intake in check more so for budget than health


My senior year of college I decided to just buy groceries with my roommates and I started eating really unhealthy, and eating more frequently... and didn't have time for the gym due to class work over the course of the year my weight slowly crept up and I was a bit over 200 when I graduated.


After school I had a deskjob, so where I would walk everywhere in college now my days I was just sitting in front of a computer... I kept gaining after that and for a short while I went back to the gym, I had some great success in improving my strength, blew away all my previous bests from my highschool days... but I never lost any fat, just built up muscle and got heavier...


I didn't mind getting bigger and stronger but wanted to lose fat, my brother who was a personal trainer gave me some diet suggestions, eating skinless chicken and broccoli 6 times a day, protein shakes and other garbage I hated. I tried it for a couple of months but there was no difference, I hated what I was eating, I was still gaining weight...


After a few business trips leading to missed gym time I decided to just stop, I forgot about the diet, forgot about the gym and didn't even bother checking my weight... time went on and on and on and I just didn't want to think about it.


After a couple more years I felt horrible I didn't feel very energetic, I was downing an energy drink every morning for breakfast, going out to lunch every day and eating whatever my fiancee cooked for dinner. I felt unattractive and somewhat depressed with myself.



I thought to myself "I'm a smart person, I'm good at taking charge of every other aspect of my life... why not this one?"


I looked for diet plan specifically geared towards engineers/computer workers... I figured there's enough intelligence in that working sector that SOMEONE should have come up with something geared towards people like me.


after a few minutes online I found "The Hackers Diet"

link removed


basically it takes a complete mathematical approach to your health, there's no special foods to buy, no special exercise equipment, not even a book to buy, it's all up for free on the website (though you CAN buy it in book form if you so desire).


It clicked with me instantly... basically it's glorified calorie counting... the premise is this


-1lb of fat = ~3600 calories

-a normal person who sits at work all day burns ~1800 calories (give or take depending on level of activity and height)

- to loose fat simply eat fewer calories than you burn and you can actually calculate out how long it will take you to lose weight


it make simple enough sense... it also had some other things in there discussing WHY people tend to over eat, how to portion your meals, etc.


another interesting tid bit was on exercise... running for an hour would only burn about 250 calories... that's roughly a can of soda... so basically drinking a can less of soda a day and you can skip the gym. It DID recommend exercising (and even has a workout plan you can follow that doesn't use any equipment and only takes 15minutes a day) but I decided to skip it because my schedule changes too often and I just wanted a diet to start.



The website above included a bunch of excel spread sheets, one of which lets you track your weight, and it uses a moving average calculation to determine your trend... this gets rid of the daily fluctuations for you, and it shows you early on if you start to head in the wrong direction... it's the same formula stock market traders use to detect trends in the market.


I hadn't weighed myself in years and I didn't even check until I decided to try this diet.


I basically just started glancing at how many calories things had, and when I couldn't check calories, I would just cut my portion size to half of what it was before. I started drinking water instead of soda and energy drinks, I'd keep a pack of gum in my desk instead of chips and candy... I'd eat a small portion of whatever I felt like at lunch, and at dinner I'd eat 1/2 to 2/3rds of what I'd normally eat.... that was it


I set a goal for myself of 2lbs a week, nothing spectacular but based on that I knew roughly how many calories I needed to take in every day...


I eat the same foods I love, just less of them, and if I realize that I'm no longer hungry I stop eating and toss the rest (it might be "wasteful" but I see it as an investment in my health) on weekends I let myself go out to ice cream or have other sweets at parties or whatever, I'll just order a small rather than a large, or have one small piece of cake instead of two, and on those days I'll try to eat a little less for the main meals.


so after day 1 of this I weight myself and tipped the scale at 252....

that was 3 months ago today... and last night I weighed in 220.5 that's 31.5lbs gone... it works out to 2.5lbs a week and I'm not slowing down either.


I feel way more energetic, I like the way I look a lot more, and I have no regrets, I don't miss any food because I still eat whatever I want (just less), and even though I'm eating less I'm rarely ever hungry... I haven't set foot in a gym either and it's not taking any time away from the other aspects of my life.


The Future

I'm not trying to get other people to do this diet, but I just wanted to share my success and if it can help someone else that'd be awesome.


I find it really easy to keep up with and at this point I don't even think about it, my stomach has shrunk and smaller portions fill me up... i don't have a weight goal in mind but I'm planning to just keep going until I really love the way I look.... and even then I'm not going to STOP this diet I'm just going to increase my intake slightly so that it balances with what I burn daily allowing me to maintain my weight.


I think that's the part most people miss... they go on crash diets but they're miserable with them and it's not sustainable so they eventually cheat themselves and fall off the wagon. I intentionally found something that I felt i could do until the end of my days.. .and so far I'm pretty damn happy with it.

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definitely taking a look. You got me with this line "basically it takes a complete mathematical approach to your health". If nothing else, the excel sheets are probably more fancy than mine, as I haven't found a way to plot trends yet, I only have simple graphs.


Good work for making it work !

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yeah I mean I don't even really follow the plan but simply understanding how calories relates to lbs of fat and what my daily caloric intake should be is enough for me to keep a mental tally in the back of my head as I eat throughout the day.


the one spreadsheet "weighttemp.xls" calculates the trendline, I modified mine a bit... added a graph and also added a plot line of where my weight SHOULD be based on my 2lbs a week goal...

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Oh, I've got that down I think. I've been weighing myself and writing down everything I eat for 2 months now, so I've got a pretty good estimate and some previous knowledge. But more sheets are always a good thing (oh I'm gonna get punched now.. no one seems to agree with me on that one, says it becomes too complicated). I'll definitely add the line of where my weight SHOULD be, thanks for the tip.

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