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Bumped into the ex...and I won???

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So I haven't seen my ex in 2 months (ever since we broke up)... and I went NC for around a 1.5 months.


Went to a local bar and I'm minding my own business with some buddies, when low and behold who walks into the bar at 2:00 am with a girlfriend of hers!!


It took a split second for me to recognize her, because she had hair extensions, but I guess I let instinct take over and when we locked eyes I gave her a casual wave to acknowledge that I saw and recognized her. She proceeded to walk up to me, I said "hey" and she did the typical Latin country greeting (kiss on the cheek). I'm expecting the typical "how you been" chat, but instead she walks away, leaving the girlfriend to say hi to me.


They get a table behind us, but only last 20 minutes in the place, and when I go to the bathroom they decide to leave, so we didn't have to say goodbye.


Keep in mind she was the one who dumped me, in order to pursue this other guy. She acted so awkward that my buddy told me "so...who did the dumping again?"


She always was nice on IM or Facebook before I went NC...but in person she totally failed!! Any thoughts as to why someone would act like that???

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