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Determining to change myself after a bad/first breakup


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I was an innocent little girl and very naive. I did not know what love is and relationship when I agreed to date my dream boy. I was so in love with him that I tied him down so much and pushed him to show me his love. I was afraid to lose him. But one day, this princess finally lost her prince when he fell out of love for her.


He used to say to her at first "you are too good for me".

I never think twice about it and showered him with love. I never dwell my power over him because I believed in honesty in love. I shown him myself, thoughts, and feelings.


Later on he said "you are beautiful and I am lucky to have you".

Again, I didn't want to take him for granted and valued every moments with him.


As time went on, he said "you are too immature".

This little princess felt mad and cried because he kept on criticizing her.


As time went on, he said "I want you to change into a more mature person. You embarrassed me".

I felt hurt and wanted to die.


Time went on he said "I don't love you anymore".

I felt devastated.


Time went on he said "I don't see you in my future".

She crashed and begged him to give her time so that she could show him a bright future and to make him fall in love with her.


He gave her time but she tried so hard and failed. She tried without his help.

Finally he completely ignored her and acted like he never had a relationship with her.


She melted and cried and begged. She starved herself and she is lost. I felt so empty and so sad. She missed him and tried to do a lot of things to see him. But after two weeks, she (I) don't have any hopes for him.


Today is the first day after exactly 14 days of breakup with my ex bf.

I feel hopeless and came to a conclusion which is simple just move on.


Day 1.

Still thinking about him from time to time. There is a feeling of emptiness but it is better than before. I don't want to be with him and wanted to move on completely. There is no hope within me and to me, he is dead. I went over to a guy's house today and talked to him for comfort. I didn't receive a lot but still it is at least something. I can focus on my schooling again and thinking about volunteering and finding a job to keep myself busy.




The only bad thing is I keep thinking about my mistakes then regret things.

But either way, i cannot see myself being with him.

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Don't ever change for someone and try to "act mature". He's not worth it.


Never ever change who you are for someone. I've learned that too. My boyfriend broke up with me two weeks ago because of things I couldn't control, like bipolar disorder. He just isn't worth it.


I hope that you find someone who appreciates you for who you are. Not matter how young or "naive" you may seem.


Just be yourself. In the end you are all you've got. Does that make sense? I believe in God too, but in the end you are all that you have left. Choose yourself.

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What mistakes? You put your emotions on the line. That is not a mistake.

You loved. That is not a mistake.

The only mistake I can see is that you made him your everything. You lost yourself in him. You should be yourself and then share that with the person you are with.


He wanted you to change into what he thought you should be. MISTAKE

He didn't express what he was truly feeling. MISTAKE

He tossed aside a very caring and loving young woman. MISTAKE


This is very new still and I would caution you about going to any guy for comfort. You are fragile right now and may make bad choices.

Step back and just spend a few days taking stock of your life now. I am sure you will see that it is really great with or without a guy in it.



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