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What to make of ex gf email?

What If My Ex Wants Me Back - What...
What If My Ex Wants Me Back - What To Do?

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I dated a girl for 6 months ending 6 months ago. We didnt talk for 4 months until I sent her an email just off the cuff. She was receptive and it was just a bunch of small talk. I am living in NC now and she wrote me this:


So how was your vaca? I think the last email you told me that your plane almost crashed and there was a riot. Anything else interesting transpire? How are house buying endeavors with the boys? Hopefully it is all going well. I have been house hunting myself. I have made 2 offers, but the people wouldn't budge on their price and the houses were just not worth what they were asking in my opinion, so I bailed and am still lookin. I am headin to NC for a wedding this next weekend. Finally I get a mini mini vaca myself. I leave Ohio on Friday morning (driving) and will go to the wedding on Saturday and head back Sunday. But, it should be fun regardless. I think I told you the wedding was in SC. I'm a retard. The carolinas...what's the diff!




What do you think she wants? Just to know basic info to know a bit about me? I am mostly over her but wouldnt mind hooking up (I know its discouraged). What should I write back?

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Okay, first things first: if you're only "mostly" over her, don't hook up! It's discouraged for a reason...don't put yourself through that.


Alright, that out of the way...if you live in NC and she randomly sent you an email about the fact that she's headed to NC, there is a possibility she's hunting for an offer to hook up. I would just reply to the email in the same manner she did, with friendly chat and catching up info. When you get her response, you might know more and you can take it from there. The ball is really in your court if she wants to get together...but if you're not completely over her, I wouldn't personally recommend anything more than friendly email chat right now.

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