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A sword-marked boundary

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Funny story...


I have this friend who stays over at my place all the time. Usually, she stayed in the guest-room. A while ago, I was rearranging my room, so I was forced to move to the guest-room temporarily.


A few days ago, when my friend stayed over again, I suggested to her that we shared the guest-room, because no other room was available. I said that, basing our actions on ancient precedents, we should put a sword between us on the bed, so to signify that we were not having sex.


She agreed readily. However, because we were a bit drunk that night, we did not respect the boundary marked by the sword. (No sex occurred, although a lot of crossing over happened.) Ever since, we've been repeating this ritual regularly.


I'm just curious, but does anyone else have similar experiences or anecdotes?

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