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Bad luck....or something else?

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A few weeks ago, i decided that at the end of this college course im doing that i want to rejoin the army, get a job during the summer to get some cash and to give me time to train myself so im able to pass Basic training again.


Well, for my course we had a Royal Marine Training day a couple of weeks ago, and it was going well until right at the end i injured my left leg quite badly, had to go to hospital and they told me i wont be able to do any sports for around 6-7 weeks. That means all my plans to train went down the drain.


So last week i decided im not gonna let it stop me, im gonna start doing weights as well as sit ups and push up until i can start running again.

But guess what? Last friday went camping, fell over once onto a log but i didnt hurt myself, but yesterday i started to feel alot of pain on the right side of my ribs. All in the front, right side and back is in alot of pain.


Now i cant even do weights or sit ups/push ups.


How much bad luck can i get, my mother would be happy this is happening to me.

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