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4 tests, 3 months, still no sign

amour est toujours

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My period will be 3 months late a week from today. I have taken 4 tests and gotten all negative results. The tests were brand name and seemingly accurate...I was extremely careful when testing and still only got negatives.


I am a recent college graduate and have been stressing out SO much because of searching for a job and such. I have never had unprotected sex and the condom has never broken. My boyfriend and I are very cautious about pulling out at the right time (with a condom).


I just got back from a 2 week vacation to the UK and Ireland and think that the time shift might have messed up my cycle even more. I wanted to do something about this then but couldn't break the vacation over it.


Should I bother taking another test or should I just head to the doctor immediately?


I'm really worried that something is wrong with my body...


Words of encouragement are gladly appreciated.

Has anyone ever been in this position? I'm way stressed out and have been trying to tell myself to calm down and just let it come on its own but have not had luck.


I'm slowly crumbling.


Thanks everyone.

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You could have a hormone imbalance, or polycystic ovary disease, or other problem... Best to go to a doctor to have it checked out.


sometimes if people become irregular they will put you on birth control pills for a while to get your cycle back on track.

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when is a 4th generation hiv test c...
when is a 4th generation hiv test conclusive ?


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