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small matter but it matters to me..:{


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i need a quick advice.. & some comfort here..


i hv a big crush on my officemate..he's actually my senior officemate..

just now i accidentally dial his num when i actually want to call my other friend.. really n trully ACCIDENTAL n i faster cancel the call.. i thought the call canceled already n i do like nothing happened after that. (this happened at 4 pm today)


but just now (10.30pm) i received 3 missed call from him.. he never call me before and im not sure whether he save my num or not.(i once call him due to work related problem)

then i text him saying "are u calling me" but no reply until now..


hmm i really embarassed n bit dissapointed that no reply from him..

just need some comfort here.. dunno.. maybe im scared he know or disgust or proud knowing that i like him ;{

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He Calls Me Instead Of Texting
He Calls Me Instead Of Texting


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