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Different behavior between in person and online...sort of funny.


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So this guy I'm dating--he's pretty smart. We have the whole witty, back and forth banter with each other quite a bit--we both enjoy it. Oftentimes he'll be playfully arrogant--talk about how immensely popular he is and how everyone loves him--how hot he is, he'll pick on me, call me little playful names, generally be an ass(but it's all playing around, we both know this.) and I'll give it right back to him. It's fun.


He just seems so calm and witty when we talk online or text, he's good at it--in person, however, he'll lose his cool a bit. It's easier to rag on him, he's not quite as quick, in my opinion, I usually win. He'll also start telling me his flaws, stuff I didn't ask about! It's sort of funny--to see Mr. Smooth-Calm-and-Collected start ragging on *himself*, with no provacation. He casually said one time that he's arrogant when he's nervous. So pretty much, he's good at the game when he's not around me, but in person he loses it a bit and I have the advantage. Thoughts?

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