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Wrongful termination


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Just started a new job back in March. It's only a temp thing until I start my new career towards the end of the summer. I specifically asked when interviewed if I could get Sundays off for Church and they said that they could do that. I was scheduled every Sunday I have worked so far and the first Sunday I worked my boss came in and asked if I wanted to go to church. I had told him yes but I was working. He told me that if I wanted to go to his church I could stay clocked in and he would work my shift for me, when I said NO the relationship kind of went downhill from there. I was then told that my religion was viewed as a cult by the company and I was not allowed to go to church or lose my job. The company is a huge national chain so I doubt it.


Also, I was airing up a tire for the work vehicle and it blew out next to my face. Ears rang pretty bad and still ring whenever I hear a loud noise. They filled out an incident report but did not give me the option to go see a doctor.


Anyways to the latest incident, we were taking a break and one of the guys started talking smack about me and I was joking that I was going to burn him with a lighter and some WD-40(makes instant flamethrower). I started walking away and my co-manager started calling me everything under the sun because I wouldn't stand up and do it, so the other employee got up in my face jokingly. I held the lighter about chest height and made sure everything was pointing off to the side, my manager still egging me on to do it and I let out a quick burst which did not bother anything. Immediately after that my manager said "Oh that's not cool, I thought you were going to weasel out." He didn't use the weasel word tho.


The next day the store manager is there before I clock in and tells me that I will be off the clock until further notice, just got a call(week later, just about) and I guess I don't have a job anymore but need to go in tomorrow to fill out paperwork. I know it was childish of me to do what I did but it is nothing everyone there has not done to anybody else at one point or another on a regular basis. My first day the store manager came up from behind and burned me so bad I had to get a haircut, my hair felt like melted plastic.


If you guys were in my shoes what would you do? This was my only income source and all week I have been job hunting with no luck.

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Keep hunting...


What else are you going to do? Hire a lawyer to fight to 'win' back a job where you weren't treated with consideration and respect?


What is the point in that....


Be glad you got out when you did, before you wasted a lot of energy trying to make it fit.


It clearly wasn't right for you.

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