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payroll laws


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Hello all. I have a question. Since right before Christmas, my employer has NOT paid me on time. It has always been an average of 4-5 days AFTER payday... and when payday comes along, my boss just so happens to have a lot of "all day" meetings, and he's never in the office. Does anyone know the laws on matters like these? I have points on my credit now because of this... bills didn't get paid on time, and some even bounced. I can't afford to not get paid on time. Help

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i had a similar experience when i had a full time job, and then took on a part time job in the evening at a cultural arts dance studio. I was good friends with the owner, and was to dance with the company and take classes,..but i was so strung out "fixin" up the place, i never got to take classes...worked from 6 pm to midnight, got home at 1 am... and had to get up at 6 am to get my kids ready 4 school... AND i never received my pay on time. NEVER. She went out of town for business meetings, and did not leave my pay and when id ask others about it, they acted as if they were unaware..but i took the 2nd job because i had bills...i wasnt working for free. I made it up in my mind that i did not need the hassle, and not getting paid on time is very unorganized and unprofessional for a company. there is no excuses for a company to harass employees about professionalism with dress, gum, or reporting to work in a timely manner, when they are not paying employees until a week or two later...i got my last pay check and never returned to even say i quit.


She got the message...


whateva u do,...id look for a secure job that offers an opportunity for you to grow and thats a professional environment as well..good luck.



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