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Disclosure of intentions....

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Disclosure of intentions...


I've been on the dating scene for not too long (just about 3 dates)...


What rules you've placed upon yourself as to where you are and where the person/people you are going on dates/dating are at?


For example do you let the other person/people know that you are going on dates with multiple people?

Do you think that its none of their business as well as not your business to know where they are at?


If you decide to tell someone that you are dating around whats a good time to do that?


What have your intentions been?


This girl I've gone on a hand full of dates has been just gone as far as kissing. Is this just too much for someone who dates? Knowing what I know now (that she is has been going on dates with someone longer than I have been with her) I'd imagine that she is doing the same if not more...


I've had to ask in order to find out that she was seeing someone else...as opposed to her just telling me... is this how it should be done? Or should the topic be avoided at all costs?


Thanks in advance...

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I'd say around date 3 I'd bring up something like "just so we're clear, I don't really go into serious relationships until I've had "the talk" with someone. So, until it's absolutely official, I'm okay with either of us dating other people. I don't mean to be so blunt, but I don't want any assumptions, you know?"

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