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Study-Abroad Relationship


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- Hey everyone, thanks for helping me before when I needed you guys the most. Once again, I come to ask for your inputs and your personal opinions on this difficult matter.


- Long story short, I'm on a study abroad trip (I'm from the US), had no intention of starting a relationship what-so-ever. Was planning on doing my business here, enjoy a good time, and go back home. Then out of completely nowhere, I met someone from the UK which started out as nothing, and sort of evolved from there. We really enjoy each other's company and share similar beliefs, interests, and values.


- Both of us are here until August. So you can guess the complications that may come with that. I'm in my final semester when i get back, and she has 1 1/2 more years left.


- My initial feeling is that it's just gonna end when we leave, and we go back to our respective realities. I've been in a LDR before, and it was a pain to wait that long everytime before seeing her. Currently, we're having a blast, and enjoying the times when we're together. However, leaving here is inevitable.


- Perhaps I just wanted to get this out of my chest, but more importantly, I want your input on any of this. Please feel free to ask any additional questions or clarification on anything.


- Thanks for everything in advance you guys and for listening.

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That's how my ex and I met. We thought that after we left we'd end up breaking up as well, but we ended up in a relationship for 2 years.

I think you should talk to her about this and make sure you have the same expectations out of this.

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