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SHould i call her back

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So i had this blind date with my cousins friend we had talked through e-mail alot and we had our first date last sat. I think date went well we went to dinner talked there till place closed then asked f she wanted to go somewhere and keep talking she said yes. So we were out talking till 2 in morning. I dropped her off at at home she said she had a great time hug kiss on cheek. Asked her if i could call her to go out sometime. Monday i texted her the next day and told her i had a great time and would like to see her again. she texted me back "i had a good time too! Next time we hit the dance floor." then immediately another text "thanks for everything again lol" I called her monday asked out to dance she accepted we decided on friday. Talked for a little bit longer then before we hng up asked her what time should i pick her up. She was't sure she take a dance class and didn't know whether to go home and have me pick her up there or to be ready to leave from dance class. She asked me do i need to know now and i told her no as long as u tell me before fri.


So i haven't heard from her yet. Then i was think she has actually never called me yet and i wish she would so i could know if there is so mutual interest. But what should i do if she never call me back to tell me when to pick her up?

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