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So right now I'm 23 and I'm a sophmore at my community college (I know I'm on like the Van Wilder plan lol) No but I did have a lot of life changing events happen, but anyways this is where I'm at right now. I'm going for an AA in General studies and an AS in Music Production Technology, which I'll have at the end of this fall.


So basically what I study with Music Production is: music theory, piano, sound recording/production, and theater technology, I've been working for an A/V company for the past 10 months called PSAV and we setup a/v and lighting for events, tradeshows, meetings etc. It's a cool gig and is giving me hands on experience in an industry in which that will go a long way, they care more about what you can do and have done rather than what your credentials are.


So now after I graduate I'll have a 2yr degree, as well as certification in A/V tech, I know that I want to pursue a bachelor's and perhaps even a master's but as a Music Production major my options are limited, which is why I also got the general studies AA. I think in Tennessee there's a Music Production Bachelor's. I know in Hartford, CT at the Hartt School of Music, this is offered along with Berklee up in Massachusetts but those 2 schools are very expensive and would mean me leaving my job and incurring Gobs and Gobs of debt, as these are very intense programs. There is a school, Western Carolina University which does have a bachelor's program though i dunno if they'll teach me things I don't already know.


I guess what I'm trying to figure out is should I pursue one of these programs or would it be better to pursue a degree in Economics or communications (Specializing in Broadcasting Technology). These are 2 majors I've considered since they lead towards viable careers in either finance or tv/radio, and the economics skills could be applied to any of my own pursuits.


I have a lot of questions but what do you guys recommend? I could also just stick with my AA/AS and then continue to work where I work now as an A/V Technician

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I don't think Economics is right for you. Economists typically sit in a cubicle analyzing data and producing graphs. You may prefer to study take courses in Business and Finance.


Some people think Business and Economics are very similar but they're not. Economics is pretty useless for starting your own business or pursuing your dreams.


What I would recommend is continuing to work at an A/V company part-time while in university, to gain the relevant experience. Do a major in communications, with a minor in Business.

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