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MEN: How many inches is your...neck?

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Bet you thought for a second there that I was going to ask something else!


I am making a gift for a male friend (jewelry) and I don't know his neck size and can't ask, or it will spoil the surprise. I don't need his exact neck measurement, anyway, because what I'm making needs to be bigger than his neck -- it should hang down a bit, but not too long (I know most men don't wear really long necklaces unless they're guys who wear the gold chains with the medallions and such (as this guy is definitely NOT). I want it to be slightly longer than choker length. I Googled "average man neck size" and got nothing of any substance. Though he is fairly tall (I'm guessing 6' 1") he is not a *large* guy -- he's within normal weight range and does not seem to have a larger-than-average neck.


I read on a jewelry website that the most common necklace length for men is 20-22 inches, that on MOST men this will fall right around the collarbone. This is about where I think it should fall, or even slightly lower is OK.


So...guys...what is the normal range of neck sizes for adult males? Even better, what is your neck size, and if you wear any necklaces at all, about how long are they and where on your neck do they hit when you wear them?


Yeah, I am TOTALLY clueless. I know little about men's sizes, except S, M, L, and XL. I know y'all buy your pants according to waist size, but that's about it. I was actually at this guy's house the other day and ALMOST excused myself and snuck into his bedroom to see if I could find one of his dress shirts in the closet to see if I could find out his neck size. I was afraid I'd have to figure out how to explain to him what I was doing. "Uh...yeah...I was getting a peek at your bedroom for later, when I uhhh...seduce you...yeah...that's it!"


Any help? Thanks!

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Well idk about most guys. but im 6'4" and im bigger (about 235-240) and a choker on me would be 16 1/2 inches. so im guessing. if he's anything like my size then 21 inches would be pretty good for a lower hanging necklace..


Thanks! He's smaller than you, but I made a 21 inch necklace anyway, just to be safe. If it's too long, I can adjust it, but I wanted to get an idea of about how long to make it.

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