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trouble sleeping with background noise

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Just wondering if anyone else has had to adjust like I have, and if it ever does get any easier.


All my life by the time I go to sleep, the house is 100% silent and there's never any background noise while I'm trying to fall asleep.


My boyfriend just moved in with some new roommates, and I stay over at his house a few nights a week. One of his roommates works nights, so he stays up until 4 or 5 in the morning watching movies, and he keeps the TV pretty loud...and since I'm used to sleeping in pure silence, it's really hard for me to fall asleep there. He told my boyfriend and I to let him know if he was keeping us up, but since I don't pay rent and I don't live there I'm absolutely not going to ask him to turn the TV down. IMO, that's just not right.


I've bought some earplugs (those usually work well enough that I should be able to stay there and fall asleep okay), but I'm just wondering if I stick it out for awhile if my body might adjust to having background noise and maybe over time it may be easier for me to fall asleep even when it's not dead quiet?


I'm curious about it anyway, even apart from my boyfriend's new living situation, because if there's ever ANY noise I've never had an easy time falling asleep. And it's really annoying!

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I keep my computer on at night to mask out any noises. The hum from the fans do a good job of blocking out any other noise.


Yeah, my boyfriend leaves his computer on at night but the insulation in their house is TERRIBLE and it doesn't block out the noise completely. The TV is right above us in the house, so it travels through the not-very-well-insulated floor right into to my boyfriend's room.

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Can the roommate not wear headphones?


I guess it's a possibility, but like I said, I don't pay rent...so I feel really uncomfortable asking him to do something he wouldn't have to do if his roommate's sound-sensitive girlfriend wasn't staying over.


(I've seen men get upset over having to cater to their male roommates' girlfriend's demands before. I don't want to be one of those girls that gets complained about.)

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I cannot have any noise whatsoever in my house or I cannot sleep. The ticking of a clock will have me up all night. So, no one watches t.v. when I'm trying to sleep, or has a light on anywhere around me. When my son was small, I could go days and days without sleeping. So, no, you never outgrow it.

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It's thoughtful of you to consider your BF's relationship with his new roommates. Yes, it's possible to adjust to background noise, I've done it, and I'm surprised because I've always needed silence, too. I suggested to myself before sleeping that I want to relax, and I want all sounds to fall into the background. I focused on my own breathing.


Sure, the earplugs are likely to help, especially if you add a fan or air conditioner, an air purifier or a white noise filter.


If it comes down to it, I also like the suggestion that BF raise this with the roommate on a night you're not there--simply asking if he could turn down the TV a little bit. He can say he wakes up to it later when the stations jack up the commercials. This way, you're not fighting booming noise, and all the other suggestions above can take the rest of the edge off.

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