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I'll start by saying I don't have the best luck with women. Usually I do something and blow it, so I'm trying to be careful these days and make sure I don't mess up.


Well the other day I had to go to an event for my job this summer. At the time all I cared about was just not falling asleep as it was insanely boring.


However, another employee at my table began to gain my attention. When we had to do the forced "get to know each other" activities, it quickly became clear we had a ton in common. However it was difficult to operate as there where other people at the table and it was a business event.


However throughout the day I would always catch her looking at me and smiling. The only problem is I couldn't bring myself to ask her for her number infront of all the other people at our table.


Turned out she had to leave early, and sort of got up and could be my imagination, but I think she was waiting for me to ask her for her number. Well I never did and said goodbye.


So where to I go from here? Should I message her at work, or simply wait for the next event when I see her again?

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