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Has anyone read the book "Double Your Dating"


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This is a book that I constantly get spam mail for. It's a book written by David Deangelo and he describes the techniques to date beautiful women, how to be more attractive, etc. I've been seeing this advertised on various web sites and am just curious as to whether anyone has applied his techniques to the fairer sex. I'm also curious for any opinions, thoughts and reviews of what this tome has to say.

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I have read this ebook 4 times; it's one of those life-changing books. I more than recommend reading it over and over until you finally understand how attraction works for women.


You see this ebook advertised in many websites because David DeAngelo's affiliates get 20$ for every person they refer to his website that buys the ebook. My best friend is an affiliate for Double Your Dating and he says it's the best product he ever promoted in his (quite lame) website and he only works half the time now because this ebook pays his rent...


I tried to find the affiliate link on the double your dating website but couldn't. Search it on Google and see what you find.


Have a good one!



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There's a pua who went to his siminar and basically got people to leave cause they had something better and could prove it, thus probably the reason he's paying people to promote it... You should try juggler method it a book about how to be yourself around a girl and still get numbers and dates without the friend zone, doing things like mystery method or cocky and funny are teaching you to be someone besides yourself and I personally have better results from it, it called how to meet and connect with woman. I was super shy around girls and now I'm not so that just a little proof of how it does work...

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