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The Feelings Came Flooding Back!


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Hey guys, the girlfriend and I just broke up, it was a mutual break up.

Prior to the actual breakup we discussed it, and we were both pretty sure this is what we wanted to do. Then once we actually did it, the feelings came flooding back in. We broke up because we both thought the "spark" wasn't there anymore, but after kissing, cuddling, hugging etc yesterday during the break up, it seemed like maybe they were still there. Prior to the break up, we hadn't hung out apart from school in like 3 weeks, and we both agreed that the spark began to leave within the last couple weeks. Is it possible that because of the distance the spark left, but once we both had an intimate moment they came back, or do you think it was just because we were breaking up?


So we were been dealing with that yesterday, and I called her . She sounds really sad, can't see herself not being with me, but she knows we have to end it. School on monday I want to eat lunch with her as usual, so that we can start the changing of the relationship to a friendly one, but she thinks we shouldnt speak for a few weeks. Then after crying for a while she changed her mind so idk. It's really odd and I've been alternating form feeling fine to feeling like * * * * all day. Today I feel fine.


Should I talk about possible trying to slowly fix the relationship with her tomorrow, or do you think I should just call it quits? Any help wouldbe awesome.

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Oh man-


You are in for a world of hurt as this saga develops.


My breakup started the same way with a lot of these promises, you even sound like you think you're "too good" for no contact, moving on, etc etc.


You will be posting here for a while...as you have much to heal....


trust me.

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Man i understand the wishy washyness. Personally i believe no matter what you say on here you know whats best for you. I would just go with what your heart tells you and don't forget the logic. If i were in your shoes i would go with the No Communication and let things cool off. By doing this she can re-think whats shes doing in a calm manner and you can also. By giving time you can come up if you want to be friends or if you don't. Just give it time and let the separation anxiety pass. Im not gonna lie its very hard and it takes a long time to get use to. but i got faith man


Rock on !



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