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Scars have come back... Pls help


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I started self injuring in october 08, and tried to stop in january, but couldn't. I stopped properly in feb.

As soon as i stopped i put bio oil on my scars, so now they are not too bad. If you look at my arms you can just see a load lines in my arms that are thin and kind of dented, but the bio oil took the colour away so they are not very obvious, does that make sense? I can wear short sleeves without most people noticing.

But i was just sitting out, and it's really hot and sunny and i looked down, and suddenly my scars are really obvious and they won't go away. I'm really upset now because i just wanted to put this all behind me and i REALLY don't want people to see my scars. I am ashamed of what i did and i don't want anyone to know who doesn't already.

My parents knew, but if they come in and see my scars here again they will get upset. And my sister never knew, i couldn't tell her and i don't plan to but now if she sees them she will be upset and probably hurt that i didn't tell her.

It's bringing it all back. I don't wanna think about it anymore. Does anyone know if there is anything i can put on them to get rid of them? I don''t wanna spend my whole summer wearing long sleeves.


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You can't get rid of the scars. If they are superficial, they will disappear in time. How deep are they?


Mine are long and deep, and I had to learn to accept them and not worry so much. I used to worry constantly, but once I explain them, honestly, most people are accepting.


PS don't get a suntan -- a sunburn or suntan will make the scar show more.

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wear a lot of suncream, factor 50 on your arms. It won't stop them being seen altogether though, if your arms get hot and go red you can easily see the white scars. its the same after exercise, if your hot and sweaty and your arms go red, you can see the scars.


But you don't want to have to avoid the whole summer. Yesterday was the hottest day of the year to be fair (as is today) but this is a limited problem with the british summer. Remember as well though - theres a magnified effect - that means that they seem much bigger to you than they actually are, and much more obvious. other people will probably not even notice, they don't notice much really to be fair.

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