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Ever lost your mind???

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Has anyone ever gone through such experiences / trauma after which they were never the same person again or did things they never would have done?


After my love of 4 years broke up with me.....i have totally lost it. I drink more, i have started smoking....i eat any crap......and i have lost all trust and respect for women.....Believe me...for a person who hardly touched alcohol till I was 25...i have lost all belief now...i don't see no future.....don't care about anything anymore......

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I can relate. When I was with someone who treated me terribly (cheater, etc) I found myself becoming a person I did not even recognize. The damage from that relationship lasted for years. Counseling can sometimes help, as well as time.

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But the good thing is you recognise that you have changed for the worse, which means you can change that.


I did the same, ended up drinking and partying ALL the time and stopped giving a crap about myself,


But I realised with help from friends and family that life was too short to waste because of someone.

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The mind is as fragile as you make it. It would seem that you were dependant on this person to make yourself a whole person.


You understand what is wrong in your life. That is a good start.


The next step is to consciously choose to change. It doesn't have to be a radical overhaul of your lifestyle overnight; but step by step.


Cutting down on drinking can be your first step, then attempting a healthier lifestyle with regards to food and fitness. Then you can think about stopping smoking.


Structure a plan to recovery and what you want to be. Remember that you can be who you want to be and you can cut through what you have built through and regain what you 'were'.

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