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I need to vent and get this off my chest... there is so much to this story but whatever here it is in a nutshell.


I dated a girl for a year, I fell madly in love with her and got played hard.

She was not the most stable girl Ive ever dated, but was the only girl ive ever had real feelings for.


She was insecure and jealous, but this was mainly due to a damaged past. I was faithful to her and understanding. I was patient.


We worked together and pretty much lived together for the entire year we were together. But I graduated and needed to use my degree, the town I was in had 0 prospects so I had to leave and move to a bigger city 3hrs away. This was not a problem for me, it was for her. She blamed me for leaving her, abandoning her.


She made it difficult for the first 2 months of us doing long distance, even tho I came to visit her every weekend. Then she got pregnant. She stopped taking BC and didn't tell me.


When she told me I was freaked but to be honest it was just shock. I told her to keep it, she said no. So I took her to have an abortion against everything I wanted. 2 days later she dumps me. Its now 5 months later.


To say I was devastated and heart broken is an understatement..


She said she couldn't deal and needed time alone... it was all BS.


Weeks would go by shed never call, then out of the blue shed call tell me she loves me, but cant do the distance blah blah.


I told her straight up, i want to be together. She told me to move on, date other people whatever. So I did. But I made it clear that if she did start dating, or slept with anyone else that I was done with her, so she needed to think that through. She told me she wasn't ever going to sleep with anyone ever again anyways blah blah.


Every few weeks she would call me or txt me upset, telling me she loves me, wants to be with me, only to a few days later do a 180 again, cant do the distance isnt sure what she wants etc etc. A lot of this has to do with the fact she cant deal with me meeting girls in a dif city shes scared ill find someone else. This went on over and over again for months. So I started seeing other people. Nothing serious but trying to get on with my life.


I bumped into an ex co worker in a bar in the big city who tells me my ex has been seeing this guy... this guy is someone who pursued her while we were dating. I was pissed. Next time she called me I asked her she said it was lies, asked me where I heard it I didn't tell her.


She called me May 15th weekend... tells me shes named the kid we almost had together, how she regrets it wished we could start again, asks me to visit her so we can talk. I foolishly agree. Then on Sunday before we drive to meet each other in the middle she asks me if ive slept with anyone else. I tell her its none of her business I was single and not by choice so she will have to deal with the consequences of breaking up with me if she wants to be back together. She forced the issue till i told her yes. She snapped, cried on the phone for about 30 mins.


I didnt hear from her for 2 days until she txt me a series of messages saying how could I, I lost all chance of being with her the second I slept with someone else. How she ended it but i sealed the deal, how disgusted she is with me and how happy she is that she didn't give it up blah blah, tells me she wants nothing to do with me whatever.


Then this weekend, I get a txt from a friend of mine, an ex co worker who is out drinking and my ex happened to go out as well, she is talkin about me all night, which as all my friends is as per usual. But this time shes telling them shes disgusted im running around with new girls. yes Ive slept with other people, am I seriously dating anyone? No.


Then she tells my friend shes been sleeping with this guy in her program since February... this guy was her friend while we were dating, a disgusting guy who cheated on his wife and left her with the kid to be with another girl. A guy my ex said was a waste of life. She had an abortion in Feb, and the second she cud she * * * * ed this guy after she broke up with me...


The worst part is she actually made me feel bad at first when she was sayin that crap to me last weekend. Making me feel like it was over cos I slept with someone else. So i asked my friend are you 100% positive she said she had been sleeping with him she said yes, because she was ducking his calls all night.


She begged me not to text or call my ex. Cos then my ex will now who the info came from..


I'm disgusted. Honestly and truly, I feel like I need to call my ex out on this BS let her know that shes the one in the wrong here, but I cant.


Im at a loss as to what to do, Ive been trying to get over this girl for months with no success. And now I find this out, im disgusted. I want her to know I know, I want her to finally feel the pain i felt. I know that sounds terrible and I should just forget it and move on and I do intend to but this has shattered my confidence in women. I have met women who have wanted to go home with me and then I find out they have boyfriends which disgusts me, the one girl I hoped would snap out of it I realize is just a piece of garbage. I don't know what to do...

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She really is a piece of work. A liar and a drama queen. It is not worth calling her out..she will just deny, deny, deny..and twist it around on you. She takes a sick pleasure in doing crap like this so you will never be able to get through to her. Let it go and be happy that she really isn't your problem anymore.

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