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Will I ever be happy?


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I moved out of my university residence last month and I've been pretty miserable ever since.


I really miss my friends from uni who have gone back home for the summer. I got along well with my roomates and we always hung out with the boys accross the hall from us. Together we formed this little family.


Now they are gone and I'm back with my parents for the summer. I've never been close with my family, and nothing has changed now that I'm back. I miss being surrounded by people my age.


I'm really upset because I wont be living with my 'residence family' next year and even though we will still see each other things wont be the same.


I miss being around people and friends all the time. I look back over my life and the only times I've been happy have been when i'm constantly around people my age.


Obviously things cant be like that my whole life and I wonder if when I'm out of university and living alone, and eventually if I get married and live with a husband (I don't want kids) I'll be unhappy. it seems like I need a GROUP of people around all the time to be happy.


I also love it when theres exciting things and drama going on at all times, and now that I'm back with my parents my life is much more boring.


I have a lot of friends but they don't live with me and its not the same.


I'm really sad right now. Does anyone have any advice or words of comfort?

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It seems you need to enjoy your own company more. Yes its a clichee and im the last person to give this advice but it is true...


I feel lost alone also. When I got out of army I was a mess, when semester ended I was a mess. And I know I will be mess when I graduate.


Im trying to love myself more and do the more things that I like. Hopefully with time I will learn to live in peace with myself.

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