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Constant Fear

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you cant give up hope. Make him know how you feel that you love him and that you want things to work out. I know that paranoia can make you have fear and that might blurr your thinking. but sit down and plan things out. planning what you want to do will make you prepared. Dont rush things. that can be a very big mistake. and everything can blow up and then there is nothing left. just show him what your heart desires. and that you want the night to be special. making the night unforgetble. drop me a line and see what you think.

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Wow! I'm so with you on your feelings of paranoia. Like I said in my Post "Is THere Any Hope?", my boyfriend did agree to give me another chance, and we are supposed to go for dinner on Monday, but, like you, I am also paranoid that he will suddenly cancel the plans on me. Of course, this won't give me the chance to prove to him that I can change that bad habit of mine.


I definitely don't have any answers for you, or I wouldn't need to post my problem here either. I just hope that it all works out for you. I think you are right to be cautious, but my question to you is, if he does suddenly change his plans, how are you going to handle the situation? Because, like me, you are looking forward to your night together and I"m sure you will be very disappointed if this date doesn't happen.

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Ever hear the story of the Turtle and the Scorpion? I will condense it.


A wicked storm comes up and these two (the turtle and the scorpion) discover they are on somewhat of an island when the tide came in.


The scorpion knew it would drown when the full tide comes, and begged the turtle to take it accross to saftey.


The Turtle says..Are you crazy, you will bite me. The scorpion replies, I need you to get to the other side.


After thinking on it, the Turtle agrees to transport the scorpion. As it is struggling against the tides with the scorpion riding on it's back......it feels a sharp sting.


The turtle screams....You bit me!!!!! Now we are BOTH going to die. The scorpion says....I couldn't help it, it's just my nature.


The moral is, you can't change the nature of people. I would order dinner like he is coming, and if he doesn't......well, that's up to you if you wish to be treated that way. If you do, you can't complain or spend your time worrying, just accept that it is his nature.


Just my opinion. ;-)



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