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what a great situation...how ironic

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So I'm a 15-year-old bisexual guy and in ninth grade at a private school that goes from elementary through high school. Our grade has a fair bit of interaction with the 8th graders. I suppose this thread is more to vent about a situation that is really almost funny despite how... I don't know... uncomfortable it makes me feel?


So I've had a girl on my mind ("H") for most of the year, however she's in 8th grade and we had very little reason to ever interact with each other. We weren't really in the same activities (except for one school play, but she was always with her friends and I was always with mine and I felt extremely nervous approaching her). Because we basically barely knew each other, I never worked it up to approach her. Plus, H had a boyfriend and they were known around the school for being pretty serious.


Also, there's a guy ("M") I've been thinking about more and more recently, and he's also in 8th grade. For a while it was a similar situation - we rarely had reason to interact or anything. But he's friends with several of my friends in my grade from playing sports or whatnot, and in recent days especially we've struck up a couple small conversations and my friend and I have stuck up for him when he was having a conflict with some other kids (nobody else was standing up for him). I've never really had reason to believe he isn't straight, so I've never considered anything of that sort with him, although it's been an enjoyable crush and it's been nice to start getting to know him better.


So there's the background, here's what's happening. Last month H and her old serious boyfriend broke up. My ears of course perked up at that news, but of course we still barely knew each other and, being the extremely shy type, I still never made any type of move to approach her. Stupid? Maybe, I don't know. Not that it matters now - apparently, over just the past few days, H and M have begun their own relationship. Pictures all over facebook, etc., they're the new hot couple to talk about (how can I deny they're a cute couple? I like both of them!)


Haha, I'm sure some of you are wondering what the point was to reading such a long post that doesn't really ask for any advice. Like I said, I'm kind of just venting here. The situation almost makes me laugh, in all honestly, because of how ironic it is, but I still sort of cringe whenever I think about it I guess.


Thanks for reading if you did, I suppose

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That is pretty ironic, but has happened to me actually. The two guys I had a huge crush on in the beginning of high school ended up being gay & dating for years. As far as I know they are still together lol.


Hang in there, you will find someone else

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