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please help me.

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my name is scott. I am one of the nicest guys you will ever meet or talk to im 14 i smoke a lot of weed and do mushrooms and i want to kill myself.My friends are the biggest assholes in the world anwrjgdkfjgd osjngkjenoghft aaaaaahhhhhhh i have to die like omg my life!!!!i need help, im really crazy i see things and hear things all the time and theres natives after my and there gonna kill me i cant leave my hiouse and i ddient even do anything and my friends are assholes and im really nice and every single girl int he world is retyarted i just need help theressssoo much stuff wrong with my life i need to talk to someone please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im so nice and life is mean and i dont no why

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drugs can affect how you interperet situations and how other people treat you. i really think you should see your doc and get on a program to help u come off weed and mushrooms and then youll be able to deal with the other people: your friends, girls and everyone who is mean to you, when your mind is in a better place.


I know you wish everything will just go away by itself but unfortunately, we need to make the effort ourselves. I hav experience with weed and drugs and trust me, i went crazy, thought my friends were tryin to kill me and that all men were evil. I took someons advice, came of the drugs and my social sitiation go SO better.


You are a nice guy and you dont deserve to be unhappy. Feel free to PM me if you need to talk. :scramble:

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Hi Scott,


First I would like to agree with jenny chu, drugs do make things worse. The high only last for so long then the real world is back.


As for your friends, Im 31 and to tell you the truth I dont talk to any of my friends from when I was younger. They all are on heavy drugs and have nothing to be happy about in thier lives.


I have been addicted to pot for 16 years now, please if anything please stop self medicating yourself. I have tried all types of drugs but could never get away with getting rid of the pot. I hate myself today for how much time, energy of finding, and money that I spend on this so called habit.


As for the anger your carrying, whats up with that? What did your friends do to make you feel so much hate?


Can you live your life for you? Do everything that will make you succeed in life and then rethink your situation. I wish you luck and remember that this kind of thing happens even when your an adult. Life throws punches its up to you when to take them and when to brush them off.

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1.) shrooms are way dangerous and unpredictable (even next to real hard-core stuff).


2.) if you're hearing and seeing things, if you think that unknown people are out to get you for unknown reasons, if you want to kill people for no reason (least need that!), then you need to go now, now, now, now to call EMS or go to an ER or a doctor and tell them this. You have to have help - doesn't say a damn thing about whether you are or aren't a decent person, or whether you did or didn't do anything wrong! People don't choose to be sick, but, people need to be healed. Be real, this kind of illness is not so different from a heart attack, or really high blood pressure, etc. O.K. - what do you have to lose? You can always change your mind afterwards an return to your current happy state...


3. Suicide would be an out, but then you no longer get to be a nice guy AT ALL with the world.


4. I know that you're just gonna ignore what I'm saying. You won't if you meant what you wrote. Don't be afraid to try.

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