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How many times a week?


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So I was wondering how many times a week you all have sex? I am having a bit of a problem with my partner. well not a problem but it is an issue. her sex drive is a bit lower then mine. we have sex about 1-2 times a month sometimes 3. But at times go without it all month. she says she loves to please me, and even if she isn't in the mood she loves to please me, just loves to make me feel good. However when this does happen, you would think that she would get turned on and would want to be pleased as well. but she just doesn't seem in the mood. So I just wondered, how many times in an average do most people have sex a week/month? Now I know for sure that it isn't because she is cheating on me, or she is not interested in me or anything, its just her sex drive.... any advice on what we can do?


PS: We are both females...


thanks for your thoughts in advance.

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