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Was I just lied to?!

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Hi all,


I got out of a relationship at the end of January and I think my trust in people in general (not just men) has taken a hit. I've been dating, but I can't seem to stop myself from looking for the cracks or holes in a guy's story. This one in particular has me a little uncertain...


I met a guy a few weeks ago (he stopped his car in the middle of a downtown street and got out to ask me for my number) and we've since been on 3 dates. For the last one, he invited me to his house for a glass of wine. He lives in a very ritzy area and he has a 2 car garage with a massive driveway so when I arrived, I pulled into the driveway beside his car. As I was walking to the door, another vehicle pulled up right behind my car and just sat there. By the time he opened the door, the other vehicle was gone and my date asked me to move my car to the street because his father was going to be stopping by for 10 minutes after work (if he's only stopping by for 10 minutes, why does he need to be in the driveway or garage?).


He takes me on a tour of this ridiculously large estate home, which is showhome-gorgeous, but seems way too big for one guy in his late 20s. He takes me downstairs to a fully-stocked wine bar and then excuses himself when he hears his father arrive. He comes back down and tells me that his father will be leaving shortly - he's just going to take a shower (Huh? My mom comes to visit me lots too, but she never takes random showers in my master bedroom...).


A couple hours later I told him I had to leave because it was a weeknight. He asked me to wait at the bottom of the stairs so he could ask his father (who was still there), if he'd like to meet me. So I stand there and wait. My date finally comes back down, takes me by the hand and walks me up the stairs. I was expecting to see his father at the top of the stairs, but my date tells me he went into the bedroom because he was in his boxers and didn't want to meet me that way. Meanwhile, the TV is on and halfway through a movie and the smell of popcorn is permeating the air.


Alright ENA'ers... am I being too critical and suspicious? Or is this guy living with his parents and trying to pass off this massive house as his own? To be honest I wouldn't care either way, as long as he was telling the truth about it. The more I think about it the more it bothers me. Are my suspicions justified or am I over-thinking this one?

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Did he ever say that that he owns the house? Did you two ever talk about what he does for a living? If so, then does the salary that matches his job afford that type of house. If he does make enough money, then I think it's possible for a man to own a house that large. It's also possible that his father may not be doing so well financially, and stays with his son. He may be embarassed to tell you his father is living with him. But of course it's also very possible that he lives with his father as well. I guess you should just try asking him. And let him know that it's okay if he does live with his father.

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