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The guy I have been seeing for about 2.5 months just left yesterday to go on vacation/to a friends wedding with some buddies (planned before we met). We spoke on the phone the night before he left and then he called me from the airport the next morning before he was supposed to board his flight. He then proceeded to text me to let he me know he reached his first destination. He has a connecting flight to the final destination. Now, he told me he will have roaming there so doesn't really want to use his phone. I haven't heard from him since yesterday morning and I don't think I will until he gets back on Monday.


I'm not really bothered by it, but at the same time he could send a quick text right? I know it's only Friday, so there's plenty of time. I'm just used to speaking to him everyday. Also, would it be weird for me to send him a text? Like hope you're having a good time or something to that effect. I know he's on vacation, so don't really want to bug him, plus I don't know how expensive it would be for him to receive a text. I think I'm reading too much into this maybe I should just let it be??

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