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She doesn't want time she wants it to be over.


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Hi All,


Seems like mine is a goner. Did NC for 2 days. She broke NC and told me she doesn't want time she just wants it to be over no point pursuing this relationship anymore and she don't even have another guy. Amazing its beyond hope. Thanks 4 d support u guys gave. I guess I will just struggle thru it.

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Resume NC and live your life to the fullest. What she says now (since it's so fresh after the break up) has very little long term value. If she does want to come back then you going off on your own will end up making her want what doesn't think she can have. If it's not meant to be then good riddance, you are still young and will meet someone much better.

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Hi Testkid


That sucks big time, eh?


I know it hurts like hell but at least you know where you are with her.


Take some time fella - those thoughts will come and go. But you were ok before her and you sure as hell will be ok without her.


Just try and stay strong, ok?



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Thanks guys. It sure hurts as hell. Frankly, I think I have crashed as we were in the midst of planning for marriage and stuff. Family's involved. I think literally screwed I never placed so much hope on a partner before. It truly sucks big time and how I feel words cannot explain. I don't think it will be that easy moving on. I was hopeful on NC but hey don't know what happened. To think she was jealous of me meeting her friend couple of days back but still you can never truly understand another person. I dunno whether to hope on or just literally let go fully and maybe turn it to hate. That's the best way I suppose.

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hey testkid - its hard when its actually over. I was in that situation last week. My advice is, that when she broke NC and told you, that was closure. This chapter of your life is now closed.


Time for you to do some searching, to see what kind of woman would make you happy. And she should do the same to see what kind of man would make her happy.


There is somebody for everyone, so dont despair. As I said, this chapter of your life is now closed - embrace the good memories, and use what you learnt to find the most ideal woman for you.

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