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Yeah, another FB question...

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Ok, I just have a quick q---


I'm not obessing or anything, so please--no lectures about avoiding Myspace or Facebook.


I simply would like to know why it says that a person has ___ amount of photos, yet it only shows a couple. For example, says the person has 6 photos but only shows 2. Is it because some of the pics are locked or only for friends to see?


I'm curious. I didn't even know you could lock Facebook photos away from your network...

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those are tagged photos that you're talking about.


Some people have the settings for that album set so that only certain people in their friends can see them. So yes, they are either locking everyone out but friends, or if you are their friend, they've got you on a list not to see them. The other thing could be that the person whose photo it is that they are tagged in, has their photo album set to private or to block you.


It might not be the person whose profile you're looking at, but the owner of that picture, if you know what I mean. And it might be everyone but friends are blocked from either profile or that you are blocked from those pictures specifically. There's no way to tell which it is.

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Any pictures you yourself post you can chose the privacy setting on (i.e. share with friends only, etc.). However, photos that tag you and are posted by other may have different privacy settings. Therefore, you may be able to see the tagged photos, but not the photos posted by the user themselves.


Frankly, I've set almost everything to private on facebook now. You never know who could find you

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