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the only way to know...


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Well I know what the only way to know for certain that a girl is interested in you is by asking her out and hearing her reply. But here's the deal: We're both studying abroad in Europe, we're from the same school, a bunch of her friends are here too, I don't really know any of them. I mean, I dunno. Back home I would just ask her out, but I'm guessing here, every time she goes out, she goes with her friends. I wouldn't know how to ask her out, and she might just be "friendly" and not interested in that. So I kinda dunno. Advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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You pretty much answer your own question here in terms of wondering if she's interested or not - just gotta ask.

(well ok one of my replies is also maybe go wait and see for anymore signs, but well, look at me ... so probably don't want to listen me)


As for the whole thing with friends, etc. that at least is something you can take action on or wait for the opportunity, but the actual is-she-interested part just points to your first line.

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