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Ladies, How do guys approach?


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What kind of facial expressions do guys have when they approach you (think of successful or fun approaches)?


How is their standing posture?


How do they respond to questions?


I'm wondering if my style is a little off. I hardly go around smiling, even if I had the best day of my life. When I talk to girls I often smile, but if I start to feel comfortable and I am allowed to think, I usually have that "thinkers face" where it kinda looks like I'm angry or in deep thought.


I don't usually stand up straight, nor do I slouch. I kinda have this ultra relaxed, carefree stance. Kinda like this girl:

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Except even more relaxed.


Normally, I make sure I keep eye contact about 80-90% of the time and answer any questions she throws me like I would with my family.


Example: What do you think of the food?

Me: The food is a little spicy but it's flavorful so it gives it some punch. However I much more love the atmosphere. It's calm and complements the flavour.

Or: Meh, it's alright. Gits ya full for cheap. * * * does it matter anyways?


That's my usual "3 pronged attack" when I talk to girls I'm interested in dating. Well, it's the only way I feel comfortable talking and acting. Anything else feels like I'm on stage and putting on a show.

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I don't think it sounds any different than most guys I know on an average day.


Guys that have approached me lately have been primarily at least 10 years younger so they look cocky. Usually they are being watched by a buddy so they're trying to impress him instead of me, which always fails.


The guys more my own age are smiling and making some kind of humorous or sarcastic remark about something in our vicinity. Standing up straight, somewhat confident I would say, but not a PUA.

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