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How can I ask this girl out?

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This is my 3rd time around that I've become attracted enough to a girl that I find myself wanting to be with them. I'm 18 shes 16, we met randomly at a party 2 weeks ago and have been talking ever since then. We've hung out twice where I would drive 30 mins to pick her up and usually cruise around or go back to my house. We've hooked up and had sex twice yet I don't consider her has a 'hook up girl'. I have maintained contact and I told her I liked her and she said she liked me back. She has an awesome personality and is one of the most pretty girls I've ever met and nothing would do me more joy than to have her as a girlfriend. I may sound shallow but I do admire her personality very much and shes cute to boot


I was planning to ask her out already, mind you that we've only known each other for about 2 weeks. One friend says it would be a bad idea to do it this early, another friend says to do it. I can't believe on my 3rd time around I still cant pull this off. I have no problem asking her out but I don't want to scare her away so early, but I've realized that waiting for the chance might not always be the best idea. I dont want some other guy coming in and asking her out before I get the chance. Should I give it a little while then ask? Or should I just flat out do it now? I'm not TRYING to rush into this but I've been having awesomely bad luck with girls lately and I will not let myself screw this one up.


What does eNA think?

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I say ask her out now. Waiting would only be playing games and if you feel like it is right.. go for it. I mean, she must be into you if she is talking to you so much and has been sleeping with you. Just keep it casual and don't say you want to fly her off in a helicopter to some remote island or something over the top.

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You've had sex with twice, told her you liked her, she's told you she liked you. But you're scared of asking her out? Wow. I finally reached an age where I feel like I don't understand the mind of a teenager at all.


Ask her out. If it doesn't work out, I promise that won't be the reason why.

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Damn, I totally forgot to reply to this thread after I posted it. The whole situation is done and over with. To make a long story short, I got played so bad by this girl. I almost saw this coming. I thought it was going well until suddenly she stops talking to me as much. She blows me off a few times until I finally said something about it. I pretty much got pissed and told her I don't want to deal with her bs anymore. Like I said, I kinda saw it coming but she looked very promising. I guess I was wrong. She told me she stopped talking to me because she didn't want to have sex anymore or for me to expect a relationship (which I did want). She just wanted to be friends. If only she had said that BEFORE I blew up at her. Oh well.

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