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I am so frustrated right now--I guess this is more of a rant. I just wonder why I even bother--I'm talking to several guys--I've met several guys. But it seems like every time I meet someone who I'm actually interested in--they back off and disappear. Often without any warning--it'll seem like things are really going well, then the contact decreases. I just feel like I'm constantly trying to be so careful not to make these guys lose interest in me(showing too much interest, showing too little interest, saying the right thing)--and it's a real chore!


Then I meet others who *I'm* not especially interested in and these are the ones who become near-stalkerish with me(I had some guy talk about moving to my area after 1 date--from an hour away!!!). I've been doing this crap for 6 months and I am so tired of it! I am so fed up and sick of the back and forth and hours of communicationg and still ending up empty-handed. Makes me want to just quit the whole thing and feel sorry for myself--though I know that's not productive and it's lame--that's how I feel. UGH!

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I know how you feel...but I just think of it as a window of opportunity left open while I live my life. So if the right guy contacts me I'll respond...but usually it's just leisure fun..something to do on the side if that makes sense. After all, you never know who just might be the next to send you a message--and THAT gives me faith.

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